Election 2010

Just voted for the The Greens in the senate and Labor in upper house. I remember last election it was neck and neck between the two. Liberals were a very distant 3rd and might as well had been put in the ” other parties” group count.

I have worked at two polling booths and I can tell you it is a very very long day. It starts at 7am and there are only a few 15 minute breaks. Its in a school so there is usually nowhere to buy food. Usually the P&C has a BBQ so you can at least buy a juice.

The fun begins though when the 6pm comes and the massive count begins. By now I’ve made a few chatty friends out of the mish mash of people who signed up to work and a conversation can mean you’ve forgotten what number you are up and have to start all over again.

I’ve always worked in the Grayndler electorate which is all the suburbs surrounding Marrickville. I gotta love Marrickville as its one of the few places in Australia where the Greens have a real chance of gaining an upper house seat. Usually its Labor against Liberals which makes for a very boring night.

After only literally a couple of years in Labor have disappointed so many of its Labor diehards. Out of the conservative wilderness of the Liberals Labor have just barely gotten rid of workchoices and pulled up a doozy with its mining tax. If it wasn’t for Krudds reported inability to not be such a hard taskmaster with his personal staff and inability to listen to his ministers He could’ve been a truly inspirational leader. OK! Inspirational may be putting it too far. I bet he is still waiting for that UN Posting overseas.


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