Last Episode of Lost

Looking forward to watching the final Lost episode. The plot lines were crazy and confusing but compared to all the rest it still rates as a damn good show. The general consensus amongst the TV forums is that will never be another Lost show. That mixes Science Fiction, mystery, suspense in one full hit. Though I think I am starting to sound like a fully paid up TV publicist.

The few shows that I still hang out to see are Dexter, Medium (though both my brothers say that Mother annoys the hell out of them. Something to do with her constant whining  to her poor hubbie). I guess I like the unusual ghost characters that constantly pop out. You have to admit the only reason you would’ve been watching Ghost Whisperer was to perve on that girls boobage (thats if you go for that sort of thing). So compared to that I say Medium is still kinda worth watching.

Dexter Dexter Dexter My favourite show. Though where I live its time-slot keeps getting moved further and further beyond  peoples bedtimes and then it disappears to another night so you miss it altogether.  This is a bit of a nonsensical post so I’ll say one of the best things about the show is Deborah’s constant use of the F F F word. Yes Women do swear that much and are smarty pants.

I promise to upload some more substantial writings I’ve done over the year. I am in the midst of a career change. Though I would’ve say that listening to annoying customers in a octagonal cubicle or POD as a  valid career, more of a form of daily torture. Soon I will be your friendly local library assistant – Woo hoo for me!


2 thoughts on “Last Episode of Lost

  1. I’m looking forward the watching the last episode too, but more to just get it over with, than for the enjoyment of the show…

    It had soooo much coolness and promise, with the smoke monster and the mystery polar bears, and the bunkers and Dharma Institute stuff, and the button. With the huge statue remains, and the under water bunker thing where Charlie carc’d it.

    But gradually the just kept adding too much more without ever explaining what preceeded. And the character side of it gradually became so soapy…

    I guess I’ll see how it pans out, soon. But I’m not holding my breath for a satisfying resolution…

    But hey, gumgal, cool blog!

    • Oh thanks Matie…was just shooting at the breeze.When I get into the swing of it all I’ll have some more things to say. Must admit it all implodes into a lot of mushiness but I still liked watching it

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